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      Gorgeous exhibit of Smartfold 800 SL

      Time: 2014/05/01  View: 540

      SinoCorrugated South 2014 had a perfect curtain call, DGM successfully demonstrated the newest Smartfold folder gluer technology, two-pieces join G-fold, inspection machine, and heightening type die-cutting machine with stripping unit (Equipped with gripper waste removal device), machines the most suitable for folding carton and corrugated materials.Perfect technical solutions, the new appearance design concept, all reveal DGM people seeking a pragmatic and adhere to the spirit of innovation.

      “2014 is a very positive year, DGM has received a lot of orders. The newest Smartfold serie folder gluers from 2013, are highly appreciated by old and new customers, DGM people are fully encouraged.” Concluded Tony Lin, General Manager of DGM.

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